Crowley Family MindSpa

Fall 2020: Visit the Barnes Center at The Arch Fall 2020 webpage for information surrounding how to access services, resources and the actions taken in support of cleaning procedures and healthy habits. For the latest information on health and safety precautions and updates from the University, please visit

The Barnes Center at The Arch offers three rooms for students, faculty and staff to practice mindfulness and other guided relaxation techniques independently in a private, safe and accessible environment. Each Crowley Family MindSpa room is filled with tools to help you relax. Spend some time with the light therapy box, practice meditating, utilize biofeedback tools or play with items designed to help you de-stress.

Be sure to reserve your time in the Wellness Portal and check in with the Crowley Family MindSpa area front desk once you arrive. While you wait, feel free to use a massage chair in the lounge area.