Patient Portal

Patient Portal Log-In

What is the Patient Portal?

Helping enhance communications between students and the health and wellness team, is the Patient Portal. With an account, this secure and confidential digital portal provides students the opportunity to:

  • Schedule and access appointments for health care. (Please call 315.443.8000 to schedule a Counseling or Health Care appointment.)
  • Securely communicate with the health and wellness team.
  • Access and submit records such as health statements and immunization history.

Please note, that MindSpa appointments are now made in the Wellness Portal.

Accessing the Patient Portal

Access the Patient Portal by logging in with your NetID and password. For questions or additional information, please email the Barnes Center at The Arch or call 315.443.8000.

Using the Patient Portal

Only Syracuse University students have access to the Patient Portal.

Scheduling a COVID-19 Vaccination Appointment

  • Log in to the Patient Portal with your NetID and password.
  • Select “Appts” from the top menu.
  • Select “COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment” as the reason.
  • Select “Submit.”
  • You will then be able to select the day and time for your appointment.

Attending Your COVID-19 Vaccination Appointment

The vaccination clinic is being held at the Barnes Center at The Arch by appointment only. Please visit for more information.

  • Bring: Please bring your insurance information. The vaccination is available at no charge, but insurance information is needed for administrative purposes.
  • Entering: Please use the Barnes Center at The Arch entrance located across from the Physics Building.
  • Arriving: You will be asked to complete paperwork on the first floor and then proceed to the third floor for vaccination.
  • During: After you receive your vaccination, you will need to wait for 15-30 minutes for observation.

After Vaccination

Please note that even if you are vaccinated, you must still practice social distancing and wear a mask, as these continue to be important measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on campus.

  • Log in to the Patient Portal with your NetID and password.
  • Select “Appts” on the main menu.
  • In the drop-down section:
    • Under “Clinic,” select “Health Clinic”
    • Under “Reason,” select “Flu Shot Appointment 2020”
    • Under “Provider,” select the location for your appointment (Stadium or Skybarn)
    • Select “Submit”
  • Select your appointment date and time (no more than 48 hours in advance).

  • Log in to the Patient Portal with your SU NetID and password.
  • Click “COVID-19” on the top menu.
  • Enter the date and result of your COVID-19 test and click “Submit.”
  • Your “Documentation Status” will be updated to “Needs Documentation.”
  • Click “Select File” and upload a copy of your COVID-19 test results.
  • Please ensure your name, date of test and result are clearly visible on your uploaded document.
  • Upon uploading your documentation, your status will be updated to “Under Review” until reviewed by the Barnes Center.
  • If “Under Review” status of your test result has not been updated within 48 hours, please check the Patient Portal for a secure message.

  • Log in to the Patient Portal with your SU NetID and password.
  • Select “Upload” on the main menu.
  • Follow the upload instructions.
  • Select “Flu Vaccine Documentation” from the drop-down menu.
  • Add your proof of vaccination.

  • Log in to the Patient Portal with your SU NetID and password.
  • Select “Forms” from the main menu.
  • Under Student Forms, select the “Medical-Religious Waiver” form to print the waiver to sign.
  • Once you have signed the waiver and added required supporting documentation, select “Upload” on the home screen.
  • Follow the upload instructions.
  • In the drop-down section, select “Medical or Religious Waiver Form.”
  • Select the completed waiver file to upload.

You may complete forms within the Patient Portal.

  1. After logging in with your NetID and password, click the “Forms” option on the top menu.
  2. A list of forms will appear on the next webpage.
  3. Required forms will be marked with a red asterisks (*).
  4. Begin the process by clicking on the desired form and then follow prompts to complete.
  • Identification and Authorization -  This form gives the Barnes Center at The Arch staff permission to treat you at our clinics along with providing us an emergency contact. To sign, use your finger on a touch screen or the mouse on your computer.
  • Health History - Check all medical conditions that you have had in the past or currently have. Students (for minors this is required by their parent/guardian) must fill out this part in full. This form will provide us with information needed to best treat you, should you visit. Please remember that your health information is strictly confidential and cannot be shared with any other part of the University.
  • Immunization Records Form – In accordance with New York State law, the following vaccination records must be submitted. If you choose not to obtain the Meningococcal meningitis (Type A) immunization, please complete the Meningitis Waiver Form in the Patient Portal. Please note, if you are under the age of 18, a parent must complete the Minor Consent form. You may obtain these records by contacting your high school or primary care physician. Your health care provider may complete this form if they do not have a copy of your immunization records. If you have any questions about your vaccination records, please contact your primary care physician. By appointment only, Barnes Center at The Arch Health Care is available to assist you in obtaining the appropriate vaccinations if you have not been vaccinated or do not have documentation of your vaccinations.
    • Two Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccinations
    • Meningococcal meningitis (Type A) vaccination within the last five years and after the age of 16
  • Minor Consent and Waiver – This form must be completed by a parent/guardian if you will not be 18 years of age by the time you begin classes. Please print this form and complete it in full. Once you have completed the form, you will need to upload it to the Patient Portal.
  • Tuberculosis (TB) Screening -  All students are required to complete the TB screening. You (and for those under age 18, your parent/guardian) must fill out this part in full. Please read each question carefully.

Students are encouraged to enroll in to receive health and wellness text message notifications from the Barnes Center at The Arch. Highlights include appointment reminders, secure message notifications, important health and wellness updates, and more.

  1. Navigate to the Patient Portal.
  2. Log in with your NetID and password.
  3. Select “Forms,” then under “Student Forms,” select “Communications Preference.”
  4. Please follow the directions on the form to complete enrollment.
  5. At any time you may text *HELP* for additional assistance or *STOP* to cancel.

Mobile check-in is required prior to entering the Health Care waiting room.

  1. Check-in on the Patient Portal.
  2. Complete all forms.
  3. Verify insurance at the front desk.

  • Log into the Patient Portal with your SU NetID and password.
  • Select the “Immunizations” tab from the top menu, and select “Enter Dates”
  • Under the “Recommended Immunizations” heading, find the type of COVID-19 vaccine you received, enter the dates(s) and click Submit.
  • Once the date(s) have been submitted, select the “Upload” tab from the top menu.
  • Follow all upload instructions.
  • In the drop-down menu labeled “Choose Document,” select “COVID Proof of Vaccination.”
  • Click “Select a file,” choose the file containing your vaccination documents, and click “Upload.”

Students may use the Patient Portal to upload or access immunization, health history and additional health care records.

For instructions on accessing health care records, log into the Patient Portal.

All non-emergency, well visits and immunization appointments may be made with the Patient Portal. More urgent non-emergency appointments, such as sick visits may be scheduled starting after midnight the night before the desired visit date.

If you are having multiple health concerns, please select multiple appointment visit types. If you were seen recently for the same concern, contact the Barnes Center at The Arch to speak with your health care provider's nurse.

Some appointments require prior discussion with a health care representation before booking, so if you do not find an appointment visit type that closely meets your needs, email the Barnes Center at The Arch or call 315.443.8000 to schedule an appointment.

Please note, sick appointments can only be made as “Same Day” appointments. The “Same Day” appointments open at midnight each day. If you are trying to make a sick appointment for later in the week, you will either need to call The Barnes Center at the Arch, Health, or schedule a “Same Day” appointment on the day you would like to come in.

Log onto the Patient Portal with your Net ID and password.
1. Read all information on the page before proceeding.
2. On the top bar, click on “Appointment”.
3. You will see a “Welcome to Self Scheduling”, please read the important information before scheduling your appointment since some appointments will require a call to our Health Clinic.
4. Under “Select a Reason for Your Appointment” click on the symptom you would like to be seen for. If you cannot find it on the list or have multiple symptoms that are not related, please call us at 315-443-8000.
5. Use Drop Down menus to fill in the blanks.
6. Under Provider – choose a provider you would like or select all for any provider. Please note – if you are scheduling for a prescription refill, you will need to choose the provider who has prescribed it to you. If you have questions, please call us at 315-443-8000.
7. Click Submit.
8. There will be a pop up window with special instructions; be sure to read this before continuing.
9. Select the date/time that works with your schedule .
10. Please bring your insurance card in a hard-copy form and be 5 minutes early to allow for check-in paperwork.

Using the Patient Portal, students may receive messages from health care providers containing next step instructions. To access messages from health care providers, log into the Patient Portal.

Gender identity and pronouns may be selected using the Patient Portal.

  1. After logging in, in the top left box select your name.
  2. Click ‘edit profile’ and select gender identity and pronouns.

You may update your preferred name within the Patient Portal.

  1. After logging in, in the top left box select your name.
  2. Click ‘edit profile’ and enter your preferred name.

1. Using your NetID and password, log into the Patient Portal.
2. Then complete the form under “Pharmacy.”

1. Using your NetID and password, log into the Patient Portal.
2. Select Forms.
3. Scroll down to Pharmacy and fill out the form for “SUHS Pharmacy Refill/Transfer Request Form.”

Students may access charge details and/or retrieve an itemized receipt through the following actions.

  • Logging into the Patient Portal and click on the "Statements" tab.
  • Contacting the Barnes Center at The Arch Medical Records Office by calling 315.443.2667.