Patient Portal

Patient Portal Log-In

What is the Patient Portal?

Helping enhance communications between students and the health and wellness team, is the Patient Portal. With an account, this secure and confidential digital portal provides students the opportunity to:

  • Schedule and access appointments for health care and counseling
  • Securely communicate with the health and wellness team
  • Access and submit records such as health statements and immunization history

Please note, that MindSpa appointments are now made in the Wellness Portal.

Accessing the Patient Portal

Access the Patient Portal by logging in with your NetID and password. For questions or additional information, please email the Barnes Center at The Arch or call 315.443.8000.

Using the Patient Portal

Only Syracuse University students have access to the Patient Portal.

Students may access charge details and/or retrieve an itemized receipt through the following actions.

  • Logging into the Patient Portal and click on the "Statements" tab.
  • Contacting the Barnes Center at The Arch Medical Records Office by calling 315.443.2667.

Students may use the Patient Portal to upload or access immunization, health history and additional health care records.

For instructions on accessing health care records, log into the Patient Portal.

All non-emergency, well visits and immunization appointments may be made with the Patient Portal. More urgent non-emergency appointments, such as sick visits may be scheduled starting after midnight the night before the desired visit date.

If you are having multiple health concerns, please select multiple appointment visit types. If you were seen recently for the same concern, contact the Barnes Center at The Arch to speak with your health care provider's nurse.

Some appointments require prior discussion with a health care representation before booking, so if you do not find an appointment visit type that closely meets your needs, email the Barnes Center at The Arch or call 315.443.8000 to schedule an appointment.

For instructions on scheduling, updating and canceling appointments, log into the Patient Portal.  Please bring your Syracuse University I.D. and insurance card to your appointment.

Using the Patient Portal, students may receive messages from health care providers containing next step instructions. To access messages from health care providers, log into the Patient Portal.

Gender identity and pronouns may be selected using the Patient Portal. After logging in, in the top left box select your name, click ‘edit profile’ and select gender identity and pronouns.

You may update your preferred name within the Patient Portal. After logging in, in the top left box select your name, click ‘edit profile’ and enter your preferred name.

Refill requests may be made using the Patient Portal. Please complete the form under “Pharmacy.”