Policies and Procedures

For a complete list please visit the Syracuse University Policies site. For questions or additional information, please email the Barnes Center at The Arch, or call 315.443.8000.

Health Care and Counseling

Health Care direct bills a select number of insurance companies. You will be responsible for any copays (set amount paid by patient at time of visit), coinsurances (percentage of the bill a patient is responsible for), deductibles (amount patient pays out of pocket one time per year before insurance pays) and any non-covered service under the insurance plan. Please refer to the back of your insurance card or your policy information, this does not guarantee payment. Payment will depend on your insurance policy’s coverage.

Learn more on the Immunizations webpage.

*Note: The mandatory immunization requirement form located on the Patient Portal, must be completed and sent to the Barnes Center at The Arch health and wellness team prior to your arrival on campus. New students cannot access housing assignments, class schedules, or parking and arrival passes until health history and immunization record forms have been submitted.

More details coming soon.

More details coming soon.

First-Year and Transfer Student Requirements

For a full list of requirements, please visit the First-Year and Transfer Programs’ To-Do Tasks webpage.

"Enough is Enough" Legislation and Syracuse University Prevention and Education

What is “Enough is Enough?"

On July 7, 2015, New York State passed "Enough is Enough" legislation, which requires colleges and universities to adopt comprehensive procedures and guidelines to address sexual assault on college campuses. These policies include a student bill of rights, a uniform definition of affirmative consent, a statewide amnesty policy, and expanded access to law enforcement. The complete law can be viewed on the New York State Senate website.

How will this affect Syracuse University students?

  1. All incoming undergraduate students are required to complete the in-person “Speak About It” orientation program.
  2. All incoming undergraduate, graduate, professional, part-time and non-traditional students are required to complete required online training through EVERFI.
  3. All student athletes are required to attend an “Enough is Enough” in-person training before they are eligible to compete.
  4. All student organization officers are required to complete sexual assault prevention training in order to be recognized by the university.

What do these trainings include?

The in-person and online trainings meet the “Enough is Enough” legislative requirements, including:

  • Campus policies
  • Campus resources
  • Consent
  • Empowered bystander prevention strategies
  • Key definitions


EVERFI online training is an interactive multimedia education program which covers sexual assault and relationship violence, substance use (including alcohol and other drugs), healthy relationships in addition to diversity and inclusion. The training has three different versions, each tailored to their respective audiences of traditional undergraduate students, graduate students, and non-traditional undergraduate students and part-time students. Failure to complete trainings will result in a Conduct Hold.

For questions about the EVERFI online training program, please contact:

Incoming Undergraduate Students

Please contact the Office of First-Year and Transfer Programs by emailing newtosu@syr.edu or by calling 315.443.1012.

Incoming University College Students

Please contact University College Student Administrative Services by emailing ucinfo@uc.syr.edu or by calling 315.443.3261.

Incoming Graduate Students

Please contact the Graduate School by emailing gradschool@syr.edu or by calling 315.443.2543.

Speak About It

Speak About It is an interactive presentation in which a team of actors utilize skits, dialogue and monologue to educate college students on:

  • Bystander intervention
  • Consent
  • Healthy sexuality and relationships
  • Sexual assault


Patrons must present a valid Syracuse University and SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) student I.D. card, Barnes Center Membership Card or purchase a Guest Pass to enter. Recreation staff cannot change the valid/invalid status of student and faculty/staff I.D. Cards. This can only be done by Housing, Meal Plan, and I.D. Card Services. 

Recreation reserves the right to revoke an individual’s privileges if the following guidelines are not met.

With the opening of the Barnes Center at The Arch, a state-of-the-art health, wellness and recreation complex, campus community members will have access to upgraded, modern and enhanced features and services in the recreation portion of the building in fall 2019. Syracuse students, faculty and staff, as well as SUNY ESF students, will continue to have free access to the Barnes Center. A free trial membership period will begin once the recreation portion of the building opens. Memberships may be purchased at the Guest Services Desk, located at the entrance to the Recreation activity areas.

  • All spouses, domestic partners and dependents must purchase a valid Syracuse University I.D. card to obtain a Recreation membership. SU I.D. Cards must be purchased at Housing, Meal Plan and I.D. Card Services located in 206 Steele Hall. There is a $25 charge for per card.
  • Alumni must obtain an Alumni Card. To purchase an alumni card, please contact the appropriate office below.

Syracuse University Alumni Association

Goldstein Alumni and Faculty Center
401 University Place
Syracuse, NY 13244-3020

SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) Alumni Association

1 Forestry Drive
219 Bray Hall
Syracuse, NY 13210


Find a full list of membership details and pricing on the Billing and Fees webpage. This is not an exhaustive list. Please note, some restrictions apply for dependent minors. For more information, contact Recreation at 315.443.4386.

The following services are also available for an additional fee for all members of the Barnes Center at The Arch:

  • Challenge Course
  • Locker rentals
  • Personal training
  • Small-group training classes
  • Swim lessons

Access/ Age Limits

  • Spouses, domestic partners and dependents may use facilities any time the facility is open with valid purchase of membership.
  • Dependent minors under 18 years of age must be accompanied by the member sponsor at all times.
  • Dependent minors under 18 years of age are not allowed to access weight rooms, fitness equipment, esports room or climbing wall. Violation of this policy may result in the loss membership privileges.
  • Spouses, domestic partners and dependents over 18 years of age may purchase a Fitness Class Pass.
  • Individuals demonstrating signs of intoxication or impairment due to illicit drug or other substance use will be denied access to recreation facilities and programs.
  • Only service animals are permitted in indoor Recreation facilities. Individuals are required to clean up after their animals at all facilities
  • Individuals with a disability who may need to discuss additional accommodations should contact Recreation in advance at 315.443.4386 or e-mail Christine Scollay at clscolla@syr.edu.

Illegal Access

The following are prohibited:

  • Attempting to gain access into any Recreation facility with an I.D. other than your own.
  • Allowing another person to use your I.D. to gain access into Recreation facilities.
  • Attempting to sneak someone inside emergency exit doors or other points of access not designated as a main entry.
  • Exiting through emergency exit doors during a non-emergency.

  • Guest passes can be purchased at the Guest Services desk at the Barnes Center at The Arch in person during facility operating hours.
  • Guest pass charge is $8 per day, per guest and provides access to the Barnes Center at The Arch. A day is defined as from the facility’s opening to closing.
  • Valid photo I.D. is required from the guest and sponsor.
  • SU/ESF students, faculty and staff, spouses, domestic partners and alumni are eligible to sponsor up to two guests per day. To bring additional guests, members must make arrangements at least 24-hours in advance through Guest Services.
  • Dependents are not eligible to purchase guest passes.
  • Members must directly supervise any minor guests.
  • Sponsors are responsible for their guest's actions in the facility.
  • Sponsors and guests must sign-in. By signing in, the sponsor and guest agree to waiver of liability and to abide by all Recreation policies.
  • Guest passes may not be solicited.
  • Guests may utilize day use lockers within the facility.
  • Guests are not permitted to check out equipment, make court reservations or participate in organized Recreation programs.
  • Special events that include participation by individuals not affiliated with the University will be charged at the Guest Pass rate of $8 per participant.
  • Failure to comply with the guidelines for guests may result in revocation of the guest and/or member’s privileges, a guest’s access to recreational facilities and/or disciplinary action.

With membership to the Barnes Center at The Arch Recreation, users have access to upgraded equipment, state-of-the-art facilities and expanded programs, as well as all satellite fitness centers across campus.

Find a list of membership details and pricing on the Billing and Fees webpage.

  • All patrons are expected to use proper conduct and follow policies and staff directives.
  • Upon request, patrons must show valid identification to any Recreation staff member. Failure to do so may result in removal from the facility.
  • In accordance with university, state and federal laws, alcohol and drugs are prohibited at any recreation facility. Failure to abide by this policy is also grounds for immediate cancellation of an event.
  • In accordance with the university-wide Tobacco Free Policy, tobacco use of any kind is prohibited.
  • Use of abusive language is prohibited.
  • Members may not use recreation facilities to gain compensation for activities not limited to coaching, personal training, etc. Use of recreation facilities for personal gain is prohibited.
  • We ask that you comply with these guidelines to ensure a safe, secure and healthy experience. While we prefer not to, those individuals who do not comply may be subject to temporary or permanent loss of recreational privileges and/or other disciplinary action.


Coming soon!

Fitness Floors

  • Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted in the fitness areas.
  • Appropriate workout clothes required. Shirts required.
  • Closed toe athletic shoes are required. No sandals, flip flops, dress shoes or boots.
  • Cardio and fitness equipment with upholstery must be wiped down after each use. Disinfectant materials are provided for your convenience.
  • Keep all walkways and areas clear of personal belongings. Exercising or weight lifting in walkways is prohibited.
  • No food allowed. All drinks must be in a sealed container.
  • Headphones required when listening to any audio. Personal sound systems are prohibited.
  • Always return equipment to its proper location and always re-rack your weights.
  • Equipment is not to be removed from rooms.
  • Equipment must be used for its designed purpose. Activities that may put the user of others at risk are prohibited.
  • Personal training or private instruction is restricted to individuals who are specifically employed by Recreation.
  • Be courteous and allow others to “work in.”
  • 30 minute time limit on cardiovascular machines.
  • Slamming or dropping weight stacks, plates or dumbbells is prohibited.
  • Topical grip aids (i.e. chalk, liquids, sprays, lotions, etc.) are prohibited.
  • Individuals are responsible for checking equipment prior to each use.
  • Only authorized personnel may repair equipment. Please report damages or necessary repairs to the recreation staff. Unauthorized alteration or adjustment of equipment is prohibited.
  • Use of collars/clips is required on all free-weight bars.
  • The use of spotters is recommended.
  • The following barbell exercises may be done on the platforms or in the space just behind the rack: deadlifts, Romanian deadlifts, rows and hip thrusts.
  • The following barbell exercises may be done in the racks with a bench: bench press variations, seated overhead press and hip thrusts.
  • Re-rack all dumbbells, plates, and accessories after each use to their correct location and rack.
  • Do not slam dumbbells or weight stacks.
  • Inverted exercises and exercises that require going on top of equipment are strictly prohibited.
  • Ask for assistance if you have questions about use of equipment.
  • Personal items such as backpacks, gym bags and coats are not allowed on the floor. Please utilize day lockers.
  • Secure valuables at all times. Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen property.
  • Olympic lifts must be done in designated Olympic lifting areas only.

Free Weight Room

  • Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted in the fitness areas.
  • The following barbell activities must be performed inside a rack: squat, hang clean, snatch, clean, clean and jerk, clean and press, overhead press, standing overhead triceps extension, step ups and lunges.
  • The following barbell exercises may be done on the platforms or in the space just behind the rack: deadlifts, Romanian deadlifts, rows and hip thrusts.
  • The following barbell exercises may be done in the racks with a bench: bench press variations, seated overhead press and hip thrusts.
  • Re-rack all dumbbells, plates, and accessories after each use to their correct location and rack.
  • Do not slam dumbbells or weight stacks.
  • Participants must control weight during Olympic style lifts at all times. Dropping or throwing down of plates and bars at the end of an exercise is not permitted.
  • Dumbbells and plates must not be placed on the bench pads.
  • Chalk is prohibited.
  • Headphones required when listening to any audio. Personal sound systems are prohibited.
  • Barbells must remain on or near their racks/benches/stations.
  • Use of collars/clips is required on all free-weight bars.
  • Bumper plates and Olympic Barbells are to be used ONLY for Olympic lifting on the platforms.
  • Use of spotter is recommended. Spotting Olympic lifts is prohibited.
  • Wipe down equipment after use with supplied wipes or spray bottles.
  • Allow people to “work-in.” Three-set limit when people are waiting.
  • Please complete your workout as efficiently as possible when using a rack to limit increased wait times for other patrons.
  • No food allowed. All drinks must be in a sealed container.
  • Appropriate workout clothes required. Shirts required.
  • Closed toe athletic shoes are required. No sandals, flip flops, dress shoes or boots.

 Climbing Wall

  • All climbing wall patrons must check in at the climbing wall/equipment check out desk before entering the climbing wall area
  • Climbing wall patrons must comply with all climbing and bouldering wall policies.
  • No food allowed. All drinks must be in a sealed container.
  • All climbers must wear appropriate climbing footwear on the wall. No boots or open toed shoes.
  • Climbing shoes are to be worn in the climbing area only.
  • Climbing wall staff have the right to ask any patron who is displaying unsafe or inappropriate behavior to immediately leave the climbing wall area.
  • Please do not attempt to tighten or adjust holds. If a hold is loose, inform climbing wall staff and they will address the issue.
  • Never climb under the influence of an intoxicating or illegal substance.
  • Remove all jewelry and tie up hair in order to prevent entanglement in climbing equipment.
  • Place all belongings in the designated cubbies or in a locker.

Climbing & Bouldering  

  • All patrons must pass a belay test administered by climbing wall staff in order to belay.
  • Place all belongings in the designated cubbies or in a locker.
  • All climbers must use a Figure 8 follow-through knot and be on belay while climbing on the top rope areas.
  • All belayers must have their belay card visible on their harness while belaying.
  • Using an anchor is highly encouraged if the climber is significantly heavier than belayer.
  • Always perform approved pre-climb checks and use belay commands when climbing on the top rope areas.
  • Helmets must be worn when lead climbing.
  • Refrain from walking in front of or under an active belay.
  • Never climb underneath another climber or above the top rope anchors.
  • Bouldering is only allowed in the bouldering area – do not boulder on the top rope areas.
  • It is highly encouraged to have a spotter while bouldering.
  • Climbers may not “top out” on the bouldering wall.
  • It is highly encouraged to down climb to avoid injuries from jumping down.

Functional Training Area

  • Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted in the functional training area.
  • Equipment must remain in Functional Training workout area.
  • Equipment may only be used for its intended purpose.
  • Activities that may put the user or others at risk are not permitted.
  • Wipe down equipment after use. Please do not spray equipment directly with cleaning solution.
  • Please report broken or damaged equipment and/or equipment malfunctions to Weight Room staff immediately.
  • Chalk is prohibited.
  • Return all equipment and accessories after each use to their correct location and rack.
  • Appropriate workout clothes required. Shirts required.
  • Closed toe athletic shoes are required. No sandals, flip flops, dress shoes or boots.
  • Headphones required when listening to any audio. Personal sound systems are prohibited.
  • No food allowed. All drinks must be in a sealed container.

Cardio Deck

  • Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted in the cardio deck.
  • 30 minute time limit on cardiovascular machines.
  • Wipe down  cardio  equipment  after  use  with  supplied  wipes  or  spray bottles.
  • Report any problems with equipment to staff on duty immediately.
  • Appropriate workout clothes required. Shirts required.
  • Closed toe athletic shoes are required. No sandals, flip flops, dress shoes or boots.
  • Ask for assistance if you have questions about use of equipment.
  • Backpacks, gym bags, coats or other personal items are not permitted in the Cardio area. Please use lockers.
  • No food allowed. All drinks must be in a sealed container.
  • Headphones required when listening to any audio. Personal sound systems are prohibited.
  • Exercising in walkways is prohibited.
  • Activities that may put the user or others at risk are prohibited.

Multipurpose Room

  • No food allowed. All drinks must be in a sealed container.
  • Do not apply tape or other markings to the floor surface.
  • Non-marking shoes only.
  • Appropriate workout clothes required. Shirts required.
  • Return all equipment to the respective storage area after use.
  • Please do not place personal items or equipment along the mirrors.
  • Activities that may damage wood floors or mirrors are prohibited.

Multi-activity Court (MAC)

  • Shirts and athletic, non-marking shoes are required.
  • No open recreation rollerblading, roller skating or skateboarding.
  • No open rec baseball, softball or lacrosse permitted.
  • No food allowed. All drinks must be in a sealed container.
  • Do not apply tape or other markings to the floor surface.
  • Recreation Staff reserves the right to end any activity deemed unsafe.
  • All equipment must be returned 15 minutes prior to close.
  • Soft, indoor balls only.


  • All persons must shower before entering pool.
  • Jewelry, hair clips, bobby pins, eyeglasses, etc. must be removed before entering water.
  • Only clean, appropriate, swim attire can be worn in the water. Cutoffs and other clothing items that may be damaging to the pool or its chemistry is prohibited.
  • Activities such as running, pushing, rough-housing, dunking, sitting or standing on kickboards or other unsafe behaviors are not permitted.
  • Hyperventilating and extended breath holding are prohibited. Breath holding includes swimming an entire length of the pool without taking a breath.
  • Use of starting blocks is prohibited except during competitive swimming or swimmer-training activities.
  • Diving only in marked areas. No diving from the sides and the shallow end.
  • All children and dependents must be attended in the water by a parent or guardian.
  • Only U.S. Coast guard approved flotation devices will be allowed in the pool.
  • Swimming diapers must be used for children who are not toilet trained.
  • Pollution of swimming pool is prohibited: urinating, discharge of fecal matter, expectorating, spitting, or blowing the nose in the pool is prohibited.
  • No person having open skin lesions, sores, inflamed eyes, mouth or ear discharges, or is a known carrier of a communicable disease shall use any swimming pool.
  • Glass containers or any food is prohibited in the pool and/or surrounding deck area.
  • Maximum pool capacity set by the health department is 174. This includes the surrounding deck area as well as the pool itself.
  • Pool use is prohibited when no lifeguard is on duty.

Warm Water Spa Pool

  • Elderly persons, and those suffering from heart disease, diabetes, high or low blood pressure, may be prohibited from using the Spa Pool.
  • Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted in the Spa Pool.
  • Do not use while under the influence of alcohol, anticoagulants, antihistamines, vasoconstrictors, vasodilators, stimulants, hypnotics, narcotics or tranquilizers.
  • Do not use alone.
  • Observe a reasonable time limit (e.g., 15 minutes), then shower, cool down and, if you wish, return for another brief stay. Long exposure may result in nausea, dizziness or fainting.
  • Help can be obtained by using the telephone and posted emergency telephone numbers for police, fire department, physician, ambulance and hospital.
  • The maximum water temperature for the Spa Pool shall not exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fitness Classes

  • All participants must register for classes in the Wellness Portal and check in with the Fitness Assistant before entering fitness studios for class.
  • Instructors reserve the right to cancel class if minimum number of participants is not met.
  • Appropriate exercise attire is required.
    1. Athletic clothing is recommended.
    2. Closed toed shoes must be worn at all times; bare feet are allowed for yoga, meditation and barre classes only.
    3. Sandals are not allowed.
  • To ensure participant safety there will be no entry into class 5 minutes after the start time.
  • Non SU/ESF participants must be at least 18 years old to participate in fitness classes.
  • Guests are not eligible to participate in classes.
  • Headphones and other distracting behavior will not be permitted during fitness classes.
  • Please wipe down all equipment after use and return to proper location.
  • Do not drop weights on floor.
  • No food items are permitted inside the fitness studios.
  • In the case of an emergency or incident, notify the instructor or fitness attendant immediately.

Reservation Eligibility for One Time Special Events

  • ESF/SU Student Organizations registered with the Office of Student Activities.
  • SU Graduate Student Organizations registered with the Graduate Student Organization.
  • ESF/SU Academic/Administrative departments and clubs officially recognized by the University.
  • Groups other than SU student organizations and departments affiliated with the university are eligible to reserve space, if space is available.
  • Scheduling space for a class project or other reason not directly related to recognized student organizations may also be requested.
  • Group status is checked using SU OrgSync.

Facility Scheduling and Rental Policies and Procedures

  • All groups interested in reserving space in recreation facilities must submit a completed Facility Rental Request Form at least (14) fourteen days prior to the requested event date via the Wellness Portal.
  • Recreation facilities may be requested for tournaments, sporting competitions or specials events. Event requests will be considered based on space availability, impact to existing programs and the scope and nature of the event itself.
  • Requests will be processed in the order in which they were received and prioritized according to the Scheduling Priority Policy. Individuals requesting facilities will be contacted to discuss the facility request. Notification of approval or non-approval of facility reservation requests will be provided in writing. Event planning meetings will be required for all events.
  • The sponsor for the event or reservation is responsible for the actions of all individuals that participate in or attend the event. All participants shall adhere to the regulations outlined in the Recreation Policies. Failure to adhere to stated policies will result in the termination of the reservation and may result in the loss of future reservation privileges, penalties, fines or disciplinary action.
  • Individuals/groups’ activity time begins at the scheduled start time and ends at the scheduled completion time. All equipment must be returned to the original set-up by the scheduled completion time.
  • Events are not considered confirmed until a confirmation email has been sent and any required additional paperwork, if required, has been submitted. i.e. a release of liability and a copy of the user group’s insurance certificate, if required, minors on campus plan.
  • Registered Student Organizations and Greek Chapters that wish to fundraise on campus must follow the Syracuse University Fundraising Policy. Groups must submit a statement of support that states that the funds raised by the student organization are going to the group outlined in their request. Student Activity or Fraternity/Sorority Affairs advisors should be aware of the fundraising request.
  • Events requiring additional services from both on and off campus service provider will be responsible for additional fees based on the individual policies of those vendors. These include Department of Public Safety, Syracuse University Ambulance, Parking and Transit Services.

Scheduling Priority Policy

  1. Recreation programs and events
  2. Officially registered student organizations
  3. University departments
  4. Non registered student groups or individuals

Reservation Timeline

Reservation requests for student organization and university department events will be accepted following the timelines listed below.

Requests Accepted

  • Fall Semester
  • Spring Semester
  • Summer

Internal Groups

  • July 1
  • October 1
  • March 1


  • July 15
  • October 15
  • March 15


  • August 15
  • January 10
  • May 5

Please note that the completion of required paperwork does not guarantee that an organization or department will receive the space requested, and alternative spaces may be allocated due to the volume and nature of requests. Subsequent submissions will be considered in the order received.

Facility Rental Fees

Facility rental fees will be assessed under the following circumstances:

  • All community/non-university reservations.
  • If admission fees or registration fees are being charged for the event. (Facility rental fees for student organization philanthropy events will be waived if documentation is provided that all proceeds from the event have been donated to the designated charity.)
  • If event will involve participants that are not current SU student or faculty/staff.

Additional fees may be assessed for the use of special equipment/set-up requests including tables, chairs, access to electricity, racquetball equipment, basketballs, etc. Please inquire about fees associated with special requests when making a facility reservation.

Insurance Policy

Rental groups are required to provide the University with a comprehensive liability insurance policy with SU named as the insured in the following instances:

  • All facility rentals by groups other than SU students and departments.
  • SU student group or department events with participants other than SU students, faculty/staff.

The insurance policy needs to be for $1 million dollars of coverage. Affordable short term liability insurance policies for events can be obtained utilizing the Contract and Vendor Insurance Requirements webpage.

Proof of insurance is required at least 2 weeks prior to the event date.

Cancellation Policy

The sponsor of the reservation shall use the facility at the scheduled time or properly cancel the reservation. The following cancellation policies apply to all groups including student organizations.

  • All cancellations need to be made in writing at least 7 days prior to the reservation date to avoid penalties.
  • No refunds will be given for reservations that are not cancelled properly.
  • Groups will be responsible for paying agreed upon rental fees.
  • Failure to properly cancel reservations will affect future reservation privileges.

Payment Policy

  • Invoices for events or facility rentals hosted in Recreation facilities must be paid within 30 days of the invoice date.
  • Groups with outstanding payments over 30 days will be considered past due. Groups with past due payments will not be allowed to schedule events or reserve spaces in Recreation facilities until the invoice is paid.
  • After 6 months, unpaid invoices will be sent to University Collections. Groups with past due payments that have been sent to University Collections will be unable to schedule events or reserve spaces in Recreation facilities until the invoice is paid.

General Refund Policies

  • Individuals requesting a refund must submit a refund request in writing to Recreation staff.
  • Allow 30 days for review and processing. No refunds will be given onsite. If approved, refund checks will be mailed to address provided.
  • Refunds will not be issued for programs and services with an initial purchase price or remaining prorated value of less than $60.
  • No refunds are available on merchandise or equipment.
  • In the event a program or service is cancelled by Recreation staff, individuals would be eligible to request a full refund.
  • Additional program specific refund information may apply.

Fitness and Personal Training Refund Policy

  • A refund is not provided for missed training sessions or sessions cancelled by participants, with less than a 24-hour notice.
  • A training session that begins late will still end 45 minutes after the scheduled start time. A client that arrives 15 or more minutes late for a session will forfeit the entire session.
  • All training sessions expire 90 days after purchase date, or upon the expiration of membership to the facility. All training packages are non-transferable.

Aquatic Programs Refund Policy

  • No refunds for group lessons will be processed after the session begins.
  • Private swim lesson sessions expire six months after purchase date, or upon the expiration of membership to the facility. Private swim lesson packages are non-transferable.

The following procedures apply to any evacuation situation:

  • Become familiar with the building. Know the location of emergency exits.
  • In any emergency situation, contact the Department of Public Safety (DPS) at 711 (campus phone) or 315.443.2224 from any phone.
  • In the event an evacuation is necessary, you will be directed by DPS, the fire department or building coordinators to evacuate.
  • Remain calm. Try to keep others calm.
  • Exit the building using stairwells. Never use the elevators.
  • Proceed to the designated meeting area(s). Keep quiet and listen for directions from DPS or the fire department.
  • Notify the first responding agency of trapped or injured persons or persons with disabilities and their location(s).
  • Never re-enter the building unless directed to do so by DPS or the fire department.
  • When the fire alarm sounds, all persons are to evacuate the building.

Guidelines for Media and Photography

All media and photography requests need to be submitted and approved through media request form process. This includes all forms of cameras and all video recording devices. If permission is granted and arrangements have been made, representatives must check in at the facility’s admissions desk and present approved request form to supervisor on duty.

  • Recreation facilities are shared use multipurpose facilities utilized for academic classes, recreational programs and athletic team practices. The following policies were developed out of respect for the personal privacy of the adults and minors dressed in workout clothes in these facilities.
  • Taking photos or video of individuals without their consent is prohibited and may be cause for immediate removal and suspension from Recreation facilities.
  • All photography/ videotaping must be conducted in a safe manner.
  • The photography/ videotaping must not cause a disruption of any activities or normal operations.
  • No photography or videotaping of any kind is permitted in restrooms and locker rooms.
  • Patron privacy and personal space must be respected at all times.
  • Photographs/video must not be used for any commercial purposes.
  • Any facility damage incurred during the shooting will be assessed to the photographer(s).
  • Permission to photograph/video tape will be withdrawn if the above guidelines are not adhered to.

Posting Fliers

No fliers may be posted in Recreation facilities. Please email BarnesCenter@syr.edu to submit information to be placed on digital signage in facility.

All participants in programs and opportunities provided by Syracuse University are exposed to the possibility of physical injury due to the nature of these activities. By so participating, each participant waives and releases any and all rights and claims for damages that the participant or their heirs or successors may have against Syracuse University or its personnel arising out of or resulting from the participation in Syracuse University's programs or opportunities.


  • Each individual participating in a recreational activity assumes responsibility for their health. It is recommended that all individuals who intend to participate should have a physical examination for their own protection.
  • Syracuse University does not provide insurance coverage for accidents or illnesses incurred while participating in a recreational activity. It is recommended that each individual secure their own accident/health insurance policy.

Personal Safety

The Student Code of Conduct will be enforced within all Recreation facilities.

  • Passing through any door where security alarms have been set is prohibited except during emergency evacuations.
  • Unauthorized propping open of any door is prohibited.
  • Members are not permitted in restricted or closed areas within Recreation facilities.
  • Any time you believe a crime has been committed, call the Department of Public Safety at 315.443.2224 and then report the incident to Recreation staff.

While on University owned or controlled property, unauthorized possession or use of any firearm or other weapon, instrument, or material that can be used to inflict bodily harm on an individual or against University property regardless of whether the individual possesses a valid permit to carry the firearm or weapon is prohibited.

Please find the updated Sport Club Handbook on the Forms webpage.

  • Syracuse University is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • For your convenience, a lost and found bin is located at the Equipment Checkout Desk for all items that are turned into our staff.
  • Members are encouraged to store all personal belongings in lockers.
  • Staff members are not permitted to hold equipment, valuables or bags for members.
  • Found items should be turned in at the Equipment Checkout Desk.
  • Inquiries regarding lost items should be directed to the Equipment Checkout Desk.
  • Items not claimed will be disposed of/donated to charity organization.