Suspended Residential Instruction: Counseling, Nutrition and Psychiatry services are still available over the phone and through Zoom. Please call 315.443.8000 to schedule an appointment. Explore virtual resources, Health Care appointment information and Pharmacy information on the Abridged Schedule webpage.

Volunteer work provides the opportunity to grow while supporting others. The Barnes Center at The Arch offers a number of ways for members of the campus community to volunteer.

Health Promotion and Education Volunteer

Health Promotion and Education volunteers are contacted as needed and available to assist the Barnes Center at The Arch at various events and outreach programs surrounding health and wellness topics.

Neighborhood Youth and Recreation Program

The Neighborhood Youth and Recreation Program (NYRP) is a Barnes Center at The Arch sponsored summer program providing free recreational opportunities to Syracuse community youth, ages six to thirteen. NYRP is designed to give community youth the opportunity to participate in safe, structured activities such as basketball, swimming, dance and more.

Safer Sex Express Brand Ambassador

Safer Sex Express (SSE) Brand Ambassadors help promote Safer Sex Express, the Barnes Center at The Arch sexual health supply program. SSE Brand Ambassadors participate in Health Hubs and tabling outreach aimed to inform students about Safer Sex Express, safer sex practices and sexually transmitted infection (STI) prevention. Apply to be a Safer Sex Brand Ambassador, today!

Student Education and Prevention Team for Sexual and Relationship Violence (SEPT)

The SEPT team is a coalition of members across campus and community partners that work to promote, strengthen and advise sexual and relationship violence prevention programming and initiatives at the University. Students, faculty and staff passionate about sexual and relationship violence prevention are encouraged to participate in this work group. Apply to SEPT as a student or college liaison, today!

For additional information on current volunteer opportunities or other ways to be involved, email the Barnes Center at The Arch, or call 315.443.8000.