Wellness Philosophy

Health and wellness is a multifaceted journey, a unique and ever-evolving experience for each individual. The Barnes Center at The Arch team approaches health and wellness holistically, encompassing mind, body, spirit and community. Our services and resources are organized and provided through a Stepped Care Model, placing individual student needs forefront.

Stepped Care Model

Critical to the integrated health and wellness approach is the Stepped Care Model.

Independently or through the programs offered by the Barnes Center at The Arch, the Stepped Care Model allows students, at any level to access health and wellness resources to meet their unique needs. The Stepped Care Model is not linear, meaning at any time students may enter any step and may transition as needed. Technology is the catalyst of the first step, providing students the opportunity to self-direct care. Steps increase as the student seeks additional resources, such as staff interactions. The final step hosts crisis response resources.

No matter where a student engages with the Barnes Center, they are empowered and encouraged to Be Well in the way that best meets their needs.