University Shared Competencies and Professional Skills

Through a ’Cuse Works experience, we strive for our students to gain one or more of the following professional skills and University Shared Competencies. Employers are encouraged to connect students’ roles and responsibilities to build these important workplace skills.

Professional Skills

Being accountable and passing on accountability for one’s own actions and those of colleagues and the organization.

The ability to remain fully functional by adapting to changing circumstances (environment, procedures, people).

The ability to work effectively with others in order to achieve a shared goal – even when the object at stake is of no direct personal interest.

Effectively conveys information to an individual or group, either through speaking or in written form.

The ability to handle conflicting interests diplomatically and to help solve them.

The ability to recognize and create opportunities and to act accordingly. Rather starting something than waiting passively for it to happen.

The ability to provide direction and guidance to a group of people and to encourage cooperation between team members in order to attain an objective.

The ability to detect problems, recognize important information, and link various data; to trace potential causes and look for relevant details.

Understands effects of their words, behaviors, and actions on the organization. Selects the appropriate language and behavior to achieve desired result for the individual or group.

The ability to determine goals and priorities and to assess the actions, time and resources needed to achieve those goals.

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