Following your acceptance and throughout your first semester, the Office of First-Year and Transfer Programs is here to help you throughout every phase of your Becoming Orange journey.


Our website will be updated with Becoming Orange information. Here you will find helpful information surrounding Required Tasks, Orientation, New Student Checklists, Moving-In, Academics and more.

Becoming Orange Newsletter

Sent to your Syracuse University email address (i.e. @syr.edu). It is essential to read each Becoming Orange Newsletter to prevent missing important deadlines and information surrounding your transition to Syracuse University. Throughout the first academic year, students will receive weekly emails encouraging involvement and offering inspirations of how to be active on campus.

Social Media

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Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready to help answer any question. For more information or questions, please email newtosu@syr.edu or call 315.443.9187.

Yes, there will be friendly faces to help students with their transition to Syracuse University.  Volunteers will welcome students to campus, the Orange Community and host programs throughout Syracuse Welcome.  Please note,  students will move-in their own belongings.

Our Orientation Leaders (OLs) are highly trained to know Syracuse University and orientation, so please feel free to ask questions!


From academic support, professional development, to health and wellness, Syracuse University offers a multitude of digital resources to support your success.

Explore a list of student success digital resources today!

Getting Started

As part of a student’s required tasks, please visit the Required Tasks webpage to learn more and for additional directions.

It is encouraged to complete required tasks as soon as possible. Failure to complete requirements may result in losing the ability to register for classes, additional charges and/or a Conduct Hold on your student account.

Explore the Required Tasks webpage for a complete list and additional instructions.

Community Wellness Requirements provide students the opportunity to participate in community wellness activities that build connection, promote community well-being and help students learn more about health and wellness resources and programs.

As part of the required tasks students are asked to complete, activities begin before arriving, while others take place a few weeks into the semester. Failure to complete these requirements will result in a Conduct Hold, hindering class registration in addition to participation in Fraternity and Sorority Affairs, Athletics, studying abroad and more.

Explore Community Wellness Requirement details today!

  • Some schools and colleges depending on your program, will require a Mathematics Placement Exam.
  • If you are taking a foreign language course, you may need to take a Foreign Language Placement Exam.
  • Non-native speakers of English must take the English Language Assessment Exam.

Learn more about placement exams on the Course Enrollment webpage.

A team of Transfer Transitions Leaders (TTLs) support transfer student transition through social and educational programing. The Office of First-Year and Transfer Programs will also send a transfer student e-newsletter. For more information, visit the Transfer Students webpage.


Traditionally occurring one to three days prior to Syracuse Welcome, new students are encouraged to participate in a Pre-Welcome Program. Organized by interests, pre-welcome programs offer students the opportunity to meet and connect to fellow new students in small groups. From outdoor adventure to on-campus acclimation, there are programs for all interests!

Pre-Welcome Highlights

  • Early move-in.
  • Familiarize yourself with campus.
  • Have fun!
  • Peer connections.
  • Build community.

Please note, space is limited and costs may apply per program. For questions, deadlines, registration and more, please visit the Pre-Welcome webpage.

COVID-19 Update: Events open to parents, family members and supporters of new students are subject to change without notice, though we will make every effort possible to alert students and their guests regarding any changes to event admission procedures. 

  • Parents, family members and supporters are encouraged to attend Syracuse Welcome events. View the events open to parents, family members and supporters on the Syracuse Welcome Schedules webpage.
  • All guests of students are encouraged to leave campus by Noon on Friday, Aug. 27, 2021.
  • Parent and family participation in Syracuse Welcome is not required.

Explore complete event lists for Syracuse Welcome, schools and colleges on the Syracuse Welcome webpage.


If you are looking to reserve hotel accommodations, we recommend you visit the Visit Syracuse website.

All first-year students are randomly assigned to any number of residence halls on North campus. Students who elect to live in a Living Learning Community or who mutually select a roommate will likely have those requests honored.

Please note, students cannot select a residence hall or a specific room type. Additionally, following roommate assignments, students may not change until after classes begin. Students are encouraged to speak with their Resident Director (RD) after classes begin to explore those options should they be available.

Learn more on the On-Campus Living webpage.

Living Learning Communities (LLC) provide a distinct, personalized housing experience based on your academic interests, passions and studies. Plus, you live on the same floor with other LLC students who share common interests! LLC residents have exclusive access to faculty, staff and peer leaders and participate in social activities and outings together. Learn more about the 24 offerings, including academic LLCs, identity-based LLCs and theme housing.

Learn how to apply to join an LLC on the Required Tasks webpage.

First-year students are not allowed to have a car. However, in the event of a medical condition, the student commutes or another extenuating circumstance, a student may fill out a petition with the Parking and Transit Services Office. Transfer students may have a car but will be required to purchase a permit.

Learn more on the Parking and Transit Services Permit webpage.

Required for first-year students, we encourage you to explore the available meal plan options. Please visit the Housing, Meal Plan, and I.D. Card Services website for more information about packages and to get an idea of what could be offered.

Please note, meal plans are subject to change annually. You may also decide to change your specific meal plan during the semester. You may always increase the meal plan size, but there is a deadline in the beginning of the academic year to decrease the meal plan size.

Please note, residential students who fail to meet these requirements will not be able to select a move-in pass and will not be permitted to move into their residence hall assignment. Complete details and instructions are available on the Required Tasks webpage.

When you arrive to your residence hall during your scheduled move-in time, you will be greeted by volunteers to assist you. Here are some tips to make this process as smooth as possible:

  • Students will receive an Arrival Pass in August to their Syracuse email (i.e. @syr.edu). Print this and place in the dashboard of the vehicle.
  • If arriving by rideshare, the driver may pull up to the residence hall during the assigned move-in time.
  • Plan for minimal family members/supporters to accompany students in the residence hall at one time.
  • Someone must remain with the vehicle while in the unloading area at all times. It cannot be left unattended due to the number of people that need to move in.
  • Before gaining access to the room, the student will go through the check-in process inside the residence hall. While the student completes this process, Goon Squad members, Orientation Leaders, faculty and staff will assist with unloading the vehicle.
  • If you have shipped any items ahead, students may sign for those packages at the Main Desk of the residence hall.
  • Once the vehicle is unloaded, the driver should park the vehicle in the designated parking lot. This may require riding a shuttle or walking back to the residence hall.

Yes! Upon arrival, new students and families will be greeted by student, faculty and staff volunteers. Orientation Leaders and members of the Goon Squad will be ready to help unload vehicles, help you with wayfinding and more! Faculty and staff volunteers will also be on-site.

Assisted Move-In Times are:

  • Aug. 24, 2021 - 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • Aug. 25, 2021 - 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • Aug. 26, 2021 - 9 a.m.-Noon

Community Wellness Requirements

As part of a student’s required tasks, please visit the Community Wellness Requirements webpage to learn more and for additional directions.

As part of a student’s required tasks, please visit the Community Wellness Requirements webpage to learn more and for additional directions.