FYS 101

FYS 101 is a semester-length, one-credit course that engages all first-year and transfer students in exploring the following areas:

  • Belonging
  • Interdependence
  • Health and Wellness
  • Development of Identity
  • Socialization
  • Prejudice
  • Discrimination
  • Bias
  • Stereotypes

Students will engage on these topics both within their FYS 101 section, University-wide as well as in school/college-level experiential activities. To facilitate meaningful small group discussions, each class is structured with up to 19 students from multiple schools and colleges. It is led by a Lead Instructor and a Peer Leader, selected from experienced staff, faculty, graduate and undergraduate students.


The curriculum seeks to push students outside of their comfort zone to discuss topics such as identity, power, privilege and history, in support of building a meaningful Syracuse University community. Together with participating students, faculty and staff will Name It. Engage It. Change It.

Home College Experience (HCE)

As part of FYS 101, the Home College Experience provides discipline-specific opportunities for students to connect to and building community within their home school or college. Special programming includes interactive outdoor events, performances, registration fairs. Engagement opportunities with major-based student organizations and more. The FYS 101 Home College Experience takes place in the fall semester during Week 4 (Sept. 20-24), Week 9 (Oct. 25-29) and Week 12 (Nov. 15-19). Learn about your FYS 101 Home College Experience below.

  • HCE 1 (Week 4, beginning Sept. 20), HCE 2 (Week 9, beginning Oct. 25) and HCE 3 (Week 12, beginning Nov. 15): Students will meet with advisors to discuss important topics such as registration, major options, degree requirements, and career development. Students will be contacted individually regarding where to meet and when. 

  • HCE 1 (Week 4, beginning Sept. 20): Introduction to Architectural Research and Resources - Architectural Research is wide-ranging and interdisciplinary.  From STEM-related research in the building sciences to humanities-driven scholarship in history and theory, to design research that engages such issues as social equity, the city, and new media—what these diverse efforts share is the production of new knowledge that expands our discipline and improves our world.  This session will introduce students to the various modes of Architectural Research and the Resources faculty use to produce it. 
  • HCE 2 (Week 9, beginning Oct. 25): Advising and Registration Seminars - In small groups led by academic advisors, students will learn the advising and registration practices for the School of Architecture to prepare for Spring registration.  Students will review the first-year academic advising syllabus, receive a detailed overview of the BArch curriculum, and be introduced to minors.  Students will also receive a tutorial on University registration-related platforms including MySlice, DegreeWorks and Orange SUccess.   
  • HCE 3 (Week 12, beginning Nov. 15): Transitions: Directed Research to Practice - The culminating undergraduate experience is Directed Research, a semester-long project led by faculty members in their areas of expertise.  Although this is the semester during which students more clearly map their place within the discipline and anticipate their future career path, such thinking about architectural practice begins the moment students join the school.  This session explores various trajectories of architectural practice as well as their areas of focus, from designing and building high-rises and cities to working towards environmental equity and social justice. 

There will be five Home College Experiences for First Year and Transfer students in the School of Education. Students will be assigned to one of two groups. The 5-week Home College Experiences will occur in Weeks: 2 (9/7 and 9/10); 4 (9/21 and 9/24); 7 (10/5 and 10/8); 9 (10/26 and 10/29); and 12 (11/16 and 11/19). Students will only be assigned to attend one of the days based on their cohort group. In each experience, students will be engaged in building an inclusive educational community. School of Education students will interact with each other and School of Education faculty and staff while learning our history as it intersects with the themes of FYS 101 and with educational practices of inclusion and social justice -- past, present, and future. 

  • HCE 1 (Week 4: Tuesday, Sept. 21, 5:30-8 p.m.): College of Engineering and Computer Science Culture Fest. Link Hall, join your first-year colleagues and college faculty and staff for food, music, and dance representing the wide array of traditions of the College of Engineering and Computer Science community.   
  • HCE 2 (Week 9: Monday, Oct. 25, 6-7:30 p.m.) and HCE 3 (Week 12, Thursday, Nov. 18, 6-7:30 p.m.): Lecture Series Engineering and Computer Science at the Intersection of Culture, Identity and Ethics. College of Engineering and Computer Science faculty and invited guests will discuss the critical role of engineers and computer scientists in society and the ethical responsibility to ensure public safety, access, and equity in our work.

The programs in Falk College have a social justice focus and a history of addressing social and health disparities in the context of diverse communities.   

  • HCE 1 (Week 4, beginning Sept. 20): Students from all programs will meet to learn how they will develop their educational plan over four years and use academic planning tools to implement their plans.   
  • HCE 2 (Week 9, beginning Oct. 25) and HCE 3 (Week 12, beginning Nov. 15): Students will meet within their academic departments for activities that will explore the curricular and co-curricular opportunities available to them in their major.  Topics will include the types of careers associated with their majors, internships and student organizations designed to expand their skills and interest in their discipline, and research opportunities for undergraduates. 

  • HCE 1 (Week 4, beginning Sept. 20): Students will connect to the iSchool community via activities that are designed and led by iSchool undergraduate student groups and our IST101 Peer Advisors, an alumni panel and an alumni BBQ on the porch before the Liberty Game (8 p.m. on Sept. 24, 2021)
  • HCE 2 (Week 9, beginning Oct. 25): Students will participate in academic programming intended to help students understand their major requirements (including their Global requirement), University offerings and minors, and an exploration of career opportunities. This will include sessions hosted by academic advisors reviewing Myslice and Degree Works, spring schedule preparation, career-based programming and WIT Wednesday: Cookies, Cupcakes and Code!
  • HCE 3 (Week 12, beginning Nov. 15): This HCE will broaden students' perspectives beyond self to the larger University community and the City of Syracuse. Faculty will lead presentations and discussions related to Social Justice, Information Literacy, or other societal-related IT topic of current research interest (focus on iSchool IDEA courses). Students will also participate in services projects and in QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) Suicide Prevention Training. 

As part of the COM 100 experience, the Newhouse HCE will explore personal media use and habits to FYS 101 content. Additional featured events will be offered with more details to follow as the semester begins. 

  • HCE 1 (Week 4, beginning Sept. 20), HCE 2 (Week 9, beginning Oct. 25) and HCE 3 (Week 12, beginning Nov. 15): Students will meet in their regularly scheduled COM 100 class. 

Students enrolled in the College of Visual and Performing Arts will meet with their home departments in Weeks 4 and 12 (HCE 1 and 3). Specific details include: 

  • HCE 1 (Week 4, beginning Sept. 20): each department will have individual events around community building utilizing the anchor courses during those regularly scheduled times. 
    • *Optional activity for all non-Drama programs: SU Drama will open up 20 tickets for non-Drama VPA students to attend invited dress rehearsal for Urinetown, Oct. 7. 
  • HCE 2 (Week 9, beginning Oct. 25): The Office of Academic and Career Advising Career staff, alongside College of Visual and Performing Arts student panelists, will present an overview of Handshake. Students will receive communication regarding their week and time. 
  • HCE 3 (Week 12, beginning Nov. 15): each department will have individual events around community building utilizing the anchor courses. 
    • *Optional activity for all non-Drama programs: SU Drama will open up 20 tickets for non-Drama College of Visual and Performing Arts students to attend invited dress rehearsal for Love and Warcraft, Nov.  11.

Each Home College Experience will be held on Fridays and enhance the Whitman IMPRESS Program. The activities for each of the experiences will include: 

  • HCE 1 (Week 4, beginning Sept. 20): Student Groups/Organization Mixer with food and festivities in Flaum Grand Hall from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 24.
  • HCE 2 (Week 9, beginning Oct. 25): Advising and Registration focus. The sessions will occur during students’ regularly scheduled SOM 122 class on Friday, Oct. 29. 
  • HCE 3 (Week 12, beginning Nov. 15): DEIA-focused event involving panel, speakers, discussion-type activities to be held on Friday, Nov. 19.