Vision and Mission

Becoming Orange

Welcome to Syracuse University and to the beginning of your Becoming Orange journey! Unique and ever-evolving, Becoming Orange is defined by each student’s background, interests and dreams. Becoming Orange journeys are successfully fueled through resources, services and campus connections introduced by the Office of First-Year and Transfer Programs (FYTP).

Through personalized connections, the FYTP team looks forward to getting to know you, your loved ones and helping to eliminate any barriers between you and an unsurpassed student experience. The team is here to support your Becoming Orange journey and to help answer any questions. Please do not hesitate to contact the Office of First-Year and Transfer Programs.


First-Year and Transfer Programs serves as a gateway and introduction for students to find resources and support at the beginning and throughout their academic career.


The mission of the Office of First-Year and Transfer Programs is to provide tools and opportunities for students to have self-directed success personally, professionally, academically and socially while feeling engaged and appreciated by the broader Syracuse University community leading toward persistence and personal growth.

  • To provide resources before and during students’ arrival as well as through their academic career.
  • To communicate in an effective, time sensitive manner; highlighting action items and providing resource referral as determined by evolving student needs and using current communication trends.
  • To provide programming to meet students’ social, academic and educational needs.
  • To provide a welcoming, supportive and friendly introduction to the University so students feel immediately part of the Syracuse community, leading to an established sense of belonging.
  • To provide pathways for students to establish meaningful peer-to-peer and student-to-faculty/staff relationships.
  • To provide transfer students immediate knowledge of University resources and facilitate students’ sense of belonging through connection to the University and peers.
  • To empower first generation students to gain the knowledge and support to navigate through their college experience and gain skills to persist to a successful career.
  • To provide students with leadership opportunities to enhance their personal growth and professional development as well as to provide mentorship and leadership for first-year and transfer students.

By accessing resources and programming through the Office of First-Year and Transfer Programs, students will:

  • Acknowledge, appreciate and value a diverse community at the University and beyond.
  • Utilize self-directed skills to navigate campus resources.
  • Gain decision-making skills and comprehend how decisions affect themselves and others.
  • Engage in the campus community to create a sense of belonging.
  • Have the ability to build and appreciate positive and meaningful relationships with peers, faculty and staff.
  • Take responsibility for their own success.
  • Develop a connection to the University which facilitates a life-long commitment to the University and “Orange Spirit.”

Shared Competencies

Providing an unsurpassed student experience during your Becoming Orange journey and throughout your time at Syracuse University is a top priority. Six learning goals, or Shared Competencies, will be woven throughout your student experience to help foster connections between academics, co-curricular experiences, professional development and the campus community. The shared competencies will promote the crucial knowledge and skills essential for all students to develop. For more information, please visit the Shared Competencies webpage.

We invite you to explore how the Office of First-Year and Transfer Programs will introduce you to the Shared Competencies.

Reflection on the dynamic relationships among power, inequality, identities, and social structures. Thoughtful engagement with one’s values, intersectional identities, experiences, and diverse perspectives and people. Application of ethical and inclusive decision-making in the context of personal, academic, professional, and collaborative pursuits.

Exploration and synthesis of ideas, artifacts, issues, and events to inform and evaluate arguments, develop new insights, and produce creative work. Reflection on, and application of divergent modes of inquiry, analysis, and innovation to research, knowledge, and artistic creation.

Application of scientific inquiry and problem solving in various contexts. Analysis of theories, replication of procedures, and rethinking existing frameworks. Supporting arguments through research, data, and quantitative and qualitative evidence that can generate new knowledge.

Knowledge, exploration, and analysis of the complexity surrounding interdependent local, national, and global affairs. Engagement in responsible, collaborative, and inclusive civic and cross-cultural learning, with an emphasis on public, global, and historical issues.

Effective individual, interpersonal, and collaborative presentation and development of ideas through oral, written, and other forms of expression to inform, persuade, or inspire.

Identification, collection, evaluation, and responsible use of information. Effective, ethical, and critical application of various technologies and media in academic, creative, personal, and professional endeavors.