Becoming Orange

Move-in and Syracuse Welcome are scheduled in mid-August. Move-in dates will be assigned as soon as possible. New international students will move to campus several days in advance for International Student Orientation.

There will be a virtual parent/family orientation program the week of August 10. Details will be available on this page in July.  In addition, Parent and Family Services will offer a Virtual Summer Series for Parent and Families beginning July 14.

What to Bring List

Review The New Student Checklist to learn about what your residential student should consider bringing to campus and what items they should leave behind.

Student Health Insurance Enrollment or Waiver

All students are required to have health insurance coverage. Coverage may be through an outside qualifying health insurance plan or through the SU Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). For details on both of these options visit the Barnes Center at the Arch – Health information.

Making the Transition

Syracuse Welcome provides students with a mix of social, educational, and academic programs to help them settle in and prepare for that first day of classes.  It also offers informational programs for parents.  Details regarding Syracuse Welcome will become available in May or visit First-Year and Transfer Program Office.

Health and Wellness

Concerns about your student’s health and well-being are always a top priority.  Discuss available resources with your student so that they understand how to access wellness and recreation programs, health care, and mental health counseling while they are on campus.  The state of the art Barnes Center at The Arch is a student’s one-stop shop for health and wellness.

Personal Safety

Tips for staying safe are important to review–remind your student to travel in groups, pay attention to his/her surroundings, lock the door, etc.

Inclusion and Community

Creating an environment of inclusion, community, and global citizenship is important at Syracuse University.  We strive to provide the students with the tools for a successful personal and professional life in the ever-changing world beyond graduation.  Programs and services that support this objective are widely available on campus, including:

Academic Support

Student Support