Housing and Storage

Living on Campus

First and second year students are required to live in university housing. Living on campus provides a built-in social network for students and eases the transition from living at home to being on their own. Resicdence halls are not closed over the Thanksgiving break or Spring break (usually in March) and students may remain on campus if they choose. Below you will find helpful information about moving in, moving out, and everything in between.

Living with a Roommate

Shared living space experience fosters a multicultural community that provides for social interaction and encourages a climate of mutual respect.  Communication between roommates is key in working out the living arrangements and settling differences. Students sign a Living Agreement which states that a student is expected to respect the rights of others in relation to their own needs and take responsibility for their own actions.  If a student is experiencing a roommate conflict, he or she should contact the professional staff members in the hall who will attempt to mediate the situation. Room changes are not always possible and are made on a space available basis. View the full policy for residence hall students: Residential Policies.

Housing Room Selection Process and Living Off-Campus

The goal of the Room Selection Process is to distribute rooms fairly, attempting to give each student their preferred residence hall within the limits of available resources. Room Selection allows students to select a room for the coming academic year and takes place each spring. Students will be guided through the multi-step process via emails from the Housing, Meal Plan, and ID Services Office. Each step must be completed properly and within a specific window of time, so encourage your student to watch for Housing Lottery emails starting in February.

Prior to participating in the lottery, students must make an advance housing payment and agree to the Terms & Conditions of Student Housing.  To see residence hall facilities, room dimensions, bed sizes, and standard furnishings: Residential Facilities

Once a student opts to live off-campus, after fulfilling the required two years in residence halls, they may not return to university housing.

The Office of Student Living will provide support, information, and resource referrals for off-campus housed students. Here is a link to the off-campus housing finder.

Moving Out Semester Break

December – January

With residential instruction concluding Tuesday, Nov. 24, we are already planning move-out for the semester to ensure a smooth process. When you depart your on-campus housing for Thanksgiving, you will not return to campus again until January 2021. As such, your move-out experience will be considerably different this year. In the past, you may have only packed a bag or two for your trip home, but this year, we will ask you to take specific and additional actions in the unlikely event the start date of our residential spring semester is delayed.

With this in mind, we are writing to you today to get you thinking about your move-out and to share details on this year’s checkout procedures. Below we have detailed the following subjects:

  • Important Checkout Procedure Dates
  • Packing Your Belongings
  • Checkout Process
  • Pre-Departure Testing
  • Options for Individuals with Extenuating Circumstances

Important Checkout Procedure Dates

As you begin to think about moving out of your residence halls later this semester, please mark your calendars with the following dates:

  • 26–Nov. 6: Students will select a checkout date through MySlice; the form will go live on Monday, Oct. 26, and will close at midnight on Friday, Nov. 6.
  • 14–25: Students in on-campus housing will check out beginning on Saturday, Nov. 14, and ending on Wednesday, Nov. 25.
  • 25: All residence halls and South Campus apartments will close on Wednesday, Nov. 25, at noon.

Moving Out End of Academic Year


At the end of the spring semester, in May, once students have completed their final exams they are required to move out of the residence halls within 24 hours.  This is to maintain a quiet, academic environment for those students who have not yet completed their exams. Non-graduating students may not stay beyond 24 hours of their last exam without prior approval from their residence hall staff. Once the extended stay is approved, any students remaining must move out before the final closing of the residence halls on Commencement Day.


There is no storage in the residence halls or South Campus apartments for the summer or during study abroad semesters. If your student plans to store belongings locally here are two options.

  • Use LazyBones – this company is vetted by the University and provides storage and laundry services. LazyBones is the only company permitted inside the residence halls to pickup/drop-off belongings.
  • Rent space in a local storage facility – you rent a unit and move items to/from campus

Note: Outside moving and storage companies may not enter any university-owned residence hall or apartment.