Create a New RSO

How Does the Process Work?

For an in-depth overview of the New RSO process, please refer to the New RSO Process Information Packet.

Students who want to start a new Registered Student Organization (RSO) must submit an application via the submission form on CampusLabs. The form link will be posted above while applications are open. The link can also be found on the first page of the application packet for that submission period.

Deadline Update: Fall 2021 applications will Officially open September 13th & are due by 5 p.m. on Friday, September 24, 2021.

  • Application must be typed and submitted via ‘Cuse Activities (CampusLabs). Application HERE
  • Application must have a minimum of eight (8) members, including four (4), filled E-Board positions.
  • Application must include an advisor contract, signed by both the president and the advisor (this can be scanned at the Office of Student Activities).
  • Application must have all questions answered and completed.
  • Application must include a complete constitution.

What Next?

As part of the application process, proposed organizations must meet with the New RSO Review Board (NRBB). This meeting gives the organization an opportunity to discuss their mission and goals with the NRBB and answer any questions they might have after reviewing the application. Applicants are welcome to bring up to four (4) members to represent their organization at the NRRB meeting. Meeting with the NRRB is mandatory. Any organizations that do not meet with the NRRB are denied RSO status will not have the opportunity to appeal. Fall 2021 meetings with the NRRB will be hosted October 1st-2nd, 2021. Please note, these dates have changed. Any questions can be sent to

What happens if I’m denied?
Any organization that is denied New RSO status must wait an entire academic year before they can submit an application again. For example, if an organization applies in Fall 2021 and is denied, or fails the New RSO registration process, they must wait until Fall 2022 to reapply for recognition.

What happens if I’m approved?
Approved New RSOs will complete a registration process during the semester of their approval. This registration process is required for New RSOs to become fully functioning RSOs the following semester. This process will be explained in depth at the New RSO Orientation. Please be aware that approved New RSOs who complete the registration process will become fully functioning RSOs beginning the semester following their approval.

You must submit the application by 5pm on  September 24th , and the application must be submitted via CampusLabs for consideration. If you have questions please call or e-mail the Office of Student Activities at for more information.

New Registered Student Organization (RSO) Resources

New RSO Application Packet [PDF]: Paperwork that needs to be filled out to apply to be a new student organization. Because the application packet is updated each semester, it will be made available in the weeks leading up to the start of each semester.

New RSO Process Information Packet [PDF]: This packet covers all the information about becoming a recognized student organization including FAQs about the registration process, the NRRB meetings, the various RSO communities, and overall requirements of the process.

Advisor Packet [Google Document]:  Information provided in the Advisor Packet includes what it means to be an advisor and the complete advisor application.

Advisor Resource Sheet [PDF]: Quick article overview for advisors.

How to Write a Constitution [PDF]:  Tips and template to writing your organization’s constitution.