August 30th- September 17th 2021

Each year, RSOs are required to re-register with the Office of Student Activities.  The purpose of Re-Registration is to ensure that organizations are aware of policies and procedures, have updated their ‘Cuse Activities portal, and are prepared for the upcoming academic year. All of the steps listed below must be completed by  Friday, September 17th @ 5PM. If these steps are completed by that date, you will have completed Re-Registration successfully and will continue operating as an RSO.

We have update some of the requirements as part of re-registration in hopes to equip you all with the best knowledge and practices. Please review the steps below. If you have any questions, contact Tim Johnson at


  1. Update & Renew ‘Cuse Activities portal
    1. Each organization must submit their re-registration form on ‘Cuse Activities. This can be found under the ‘Manage’ section (step by step instructions can be found here).
    2. The membership list must be updated. This includes adding any new members, deleting or moving any non-members to a different group (i.e. ‘Alumni’), and updating current officer titles. Organizations are required to take a screenshot before and after updating their member list. The screenshots are to be submitted to Tim Johnson via e-mail at
    3. The Advisor Contract must be completed. This contract is automatically sent via email to your advisor’s email. It may go into a spam/junk folder, or the advisor may not know what it is. Be sure to let your advisor know to expect this email. Your portal/profile cannot be approved without a completed advisor contract.
    4. Please note: If the organization updates/renews the portal over the summer, it will not count towards Re-Registration. However, it will make it easier for the organization to then submit a renewal request in the fall.
  2. The president of the organization must complete the four online Officer Training modules through HotSpot
    • These modules can be found here.
    • There are four quizzes – one associated with each module.
    • The president of the organization must earn a 100 on the quizzes for them to count.
    • Each module has a link that will direct you to a quiz on either Google Forms or Qualtrics.

3. Leadership Workshops (Dates/Times/Locations below)

    1. The president and one E-Board member must each attend a leadership workshop. Members are encouraged to attend separate workshops rather than attending the same one. Members are welcome to attend more than one.

**Fall Workshop & Presentation Schedule**

Schedule we will be released with finalized dates, times and locations no later than Aug 6th 5pm.