All Registered Student Organization (RSO) sponsored events held in SCPS venues are required to be ticketed, with the exception of:

  • Closed events, such as those only open to members of a specific organization, or limited to invited guests only.
  • Expos such as career fairs or organizational fairs that do not have any sort of formal program.

The maximum capacity of an event indicates to the Box Office the total number of tickets that can be made available for an event.

Complimentary Tickets
The Box Office offers an event sponsor the ability to request complimentary (comp) tickets.

  • The number of comps an RSO is allowed may be dictated by SA Funding.
  • The number of comps requested still count towards an event’s capacity. Everyone sitting in the audience needs to be accounted for in the ticket count (capacity).
  • Performers planning to watch any part of an event must be issued a comp ticket. This both ensures their entry into the venue, as well as prevents an event from going over capacity and potentially denying entry to a paying customer.
  • If the sponsor chooses not to allow performers into the audience to watch, it is their responsibility to communicate that beforehand with both SCPS and the performers, and assist with the enforcement during the event.

All ticketing must be done through the Student Box Office.  To view Box Office policies, and to download the ticket request form, please visit boxoffice.syr.edu.

Each ticket request form is required to be confirmed by an SCPS Event & Technical Services Staff member.