Guest Registration

Student Living Expectations – Summer Session II

Update July 22, 2021

Students living on campus in Ernie Davis Hall, Haven Hall, and the South Campus apartments may have Syracuse University affiliated individuals (e.g., other SU students not living in your campus residence) as guests. Individuals affiliated with Syracuse University (e.g., other Syracuse University students) can use their SUID to “tap-in” at the Residential Community Safety Officer (RCSO) station inside Haven and Ernie Davis Halls.  The RCSO will electronically connect the guest with the resident host who lives in the building. For South Campus, guests affiliated with Syracuse University do not need to sign in.

Occupancy for Haven and Ernie Davis Halls cannot exceed double the number of bed spaces (i.e., a double room can have a maximum of 4 people in the room).

Occupancy for South Campus apartments cannot exceed as follows:

  • 1 bedroom apartment – 4 people
  • 2 bedroom apartment – 6 people
  • 3 bedroom apartment – 8 people

All guests are expected abide by public health guidelines on the Stay Safe webpage current at the time of the visit, this includes the wearing of masks and social distancing of any unvaccinated individuals.

Individuals from outside of the Syracuse University community (e.g., parents, family members, friends) are not permitted as guests in residential facilities. You are welcome to socialize with external guests elsewhere on-campus provided all public health guidelines are followed.

In this extraordinary time of a pandemic, we are responsible for ourselves and each other. We will work together. We will rise to the occasion. We will take the necessary steps to keep each other safe. And we will not put ourselves or others at risk.

We all will embrace and adapt to new practices for our living, learning and working environment. At the core of these practices is protecting the health and safety of every campus community member. To do so, all members of the Orange community are expected to take an active role in promoting the safety, health and wellbeing of every campus community member. That means abiding by all health and safety directives from federal, state, local and University officials and encouraging others to do the same. We will all do our part to keep ourselves, our peers, our colleagues, and all Syracuse University community members safe.