Retrieving Belongings

Retrieving Belongings If Not Returning for Spring 2021

Students who have decided to participate in distance learning for the Spring 2021 semester and still have belongings in their on-campus residence must make plans to retrieve their belongings by Feb. 21, 2021. Please complete the form below to inform staff in the Office of Student Living of your plans.

  • All students and families will need to follow the applicable rules set out in the New York State travel advisory.
  • Students who cannot return to campus for the belongings can sign up to have LazyBones pick up their belongings for storage or shipping. The cost of this service is covered by the student.
  • If a student would like to designate a friend, family member, or alternate storage company to pick their items up on their behalf, they must register for a time using the retrieving belongings form as outlined above and complete the authorized pick-up form below.
  • You will have two hours to complete the process.
  • Due to COVID 19 restrictions in the residence halls, you may not have anyone external to your residence hall or apartment assist you in the move-out process. If you do require move-out assistance, please complete the Move-In / Move-Out Assistance Registration form.
  • Please provide 48 hours notice, if possible.
  • Please inform your roommate(s) that you will be retrieving your belongings.

Please note that all students and visitors must adhere to the Stay Safe Pledge, Residential Policies, and the New York State Travel Advisory.